Serious Cases Need the Very Best Lawyers. Don’t Settle for Less.

Before you hire a law firm, you should ask what that firm has accomplished in cases like yours in the past. Only then will you know whether the lawyers at the firm are prepared to achieve the best result in your case. At Butler Wooten & Peak LLP, our results set us apart. Our reputation for successfully handling complex cases helps drive our great results. We are dedicated to getting our clients the best possible result, whether by verdict or settlement.

A History of Success

Our reputation and hard work leads to tangible results for our clients. We are proud of what we have accomplished for them, including:

  • Five verdicts well over $100 million
  • The only plaintiff's law firm in Georgia that has litigated in 32 states and in most of Georgia's 159 counties
  • More verdicts over $10 million than any firm in Georgia
  • More verdicts and settlements over $1 million than any firm in Georgia
  • Largest Georgia verdict in 2015
  • Largest Georgia settlement in 2014
  • Largest Georgia settlement in 2012
  • Largest business tort verdict in Georgia history
  • Largest verdict affirmed on appeal in American history
  • More auto products liability settlements and verdicts than any firm in Georgia
  • Best record in bad tire cases in Georgia
  • Four lawyers with multiple verdicts over $1 million as lead counsel

If it is a civil case, we can handle it – no matter what kind of case. We've handled them all very successfully – everything from business torts, whistleblower and class action cases to premises liability, trucking accidents, auto defect, nursing home, and environmental contamination cases.

In 2012 alone, we obtained eight verdicts or settlements well over $1 million. These cases covered a range of issues, including mine safety, tractor trailer wrecks, False Claims Act ("whistleblower") violations, business torts, car wrecks and defective tires.

It is one thing to win a big verdict and another to back it up. Your verdict does not matter unless you can win on appeal. No law firm in Georgia has a better appeals record. We have delivered consistent, proven results for our clients. That includes 49 verdicts and settlements over $10 million, and 176 verdicts and settlements over $1 million.

Prepared to Do What It Takes to Win Full Justice

Our firm is worlds apart from lawyers who handle hundreds of cases and settle them for pennies on the dollar. Our firm devotes whatever resources are necessary to fully investigate each case and prepare it for trial. Defense attorneys know we are fully prepared to take cases to trial and follow through on appeal, when necessary.

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