Referring Attorneys

Butler Wooten & Peak LLP has a history of generating substantial attorneys fees for counsel associating the firm - often exponentially higher than could be achieved by the referring attorney acting alone. We work with referring lawyers to maximize recovery for the clients. The firm's experienced attorneys, strong resources and outstanding reputation with judges and with other lawyers offer the best choice for your substantial cases.

Our Georgia-based personal injury attorneys have collected substantial  verdicts and settlements for clients throughout the United States. Recoveries for clients have translated into well over $100 million in fees for referring attorneys. Our record of success and willingness to prepare our clients' cases for trial maximizes the value of our clients' recoveries.

Butler Wooten & Peak LLP has unmatched experience - and results - in cases involving:

  • Serious personal injury and wrongful death;
  • Commercial vehicle and trucking accidents;
  • Automobile defects and product liability;
  • Class action lawsuits;
  • Business torts;
  • Whistleblower/False Claims Act cases;
  • Environmental cases and toxic torts:

The firm is widely known and respected for the quality of its work as well as its creative, innovative litigation strategies and techniques. Butler Wooten & Peak LLP pioneered many of the tactics and approaches now common in major litigation throughout the country and remains on the cutting edge of developments in law and in the representation of injured parties - whether individuals or businesses.

My firm has had the privilege of working as referring co-counsel on several cases with Butler, Wooten, & Peak. Whether the case was a wrongful death or products liability claim, our clients have always been extremely satisfied with the level of expertise and professionalism that Butler Wooten & Peak brings to the table. In addition to the great attorneys in the firm, their support staff is top notch and they have always worked seamlessly with the staff in my firm. They carry with them a national reputation that brings top dollar to your case whether it be in the courtroom or at the mediation table. - Matt Hennesy, Farrar, Hennesy & Tanner, LLC.

Two central concepts drive our daily efforts:

First is the belief in preparing every case for trial before a jury, as experience has shown this is the best way to maximize recovery, whether by settlement or by judgment.

Second is a conviction that any case worth taking is worth putting a team to work on. Each significant case is assigned to a group of dedicated trial lawyers, investigators and paralegals.

The firm devotes whatever resources are necessary to fully investigate and develop a client's case, and the lawyers work closely with referring and associated lawyers, as well as with lawyers throughout the nation who are involved in similar litigation.

Butler Wooten & Peak LLP experienced attorneys, strong resources and outstanding reputation with judges and with other lawyers offer the best choice for your substantial cases. Contact our office to discuss your case.

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