Georgia Business Fraud Lawyers

Atlanta Conversion Claim Lawyers

In Georgia, we refer to fraud, conversion and related business torts as "lying, cheating and stealing." At their core, these cases are about individuals and businesses crossing the line into violating the rules of the marketplace in order to obtain unfair advantages and ill-gotten profits.

At Butler Wooten & Peak LLP, our Georgia business fraud attorneys represent clients who have been defrauded and whose rights have been violated. We have the experience and resources to aggressively pursue business tort claims on behalf of clients nationwide.

Carefully Evaluating Your Business Tort Claim

Fraud and conversion are two of the most common business tort claims. Often, they are brought in conjunction with each other as well as other claims, such as breach of fiduciary duty and tortious interference. The basic scenarios for these claims are as follows:

  • Fraud: If you have been misled or deceived into purchasing an asset, extending credit, investing in an enterprise or taking any other action to your detriment, you may have a fraud claim.
  • Conversion: If you have been harmed financially because another party misappropriated your assets, you may be able to recover the lost value through a conversion claim.

Every business tort case is unique. Our attorneys have the knowledge and insight to carefully evaluate business disputes and identify causes of action for fraud and conversion. We have an impressive track record of helping businesses and individuals pursue and win these cases.

Setting Records for Business Fraud Litigation

In Six Flags Over Georgia, LLC, et al. v. Time Warner Entertainment Company, L.P., et al., our firm obtained what still stands as a national record for the largest business tort verdict ever awarded by a jury, affirmed on appeal, and paid in full with interest: more than $640 million.

We welcome inquiries from prospective clients, corporate counsel and referring attorneys. If you believe you have been defrauded or deprived of your rights through conversion, don't hesitate to contact us to discuss what our team of experienced lawyers has to offer.