Fraud Against GA State or Local Governments What Is The Procedure For a Whistleblower Lawsuit

Fraud Against Georgia State Or Local Governments - Do I Have A Whistleblower Case?

When individuals or companies defraud the government, they are stealing money from taxpayers and potentially endangering the lives of healthcare patients and others. In order to combat this theft, Georgia has recently enacted a significant law called the " Georgia Taxpayer Protection False Claims Act," which rewards and protects private citizens with inside knowledge who bring a false claims lawsuit on behalf of the State or local governments. The older Federal False Claims Act similarly provides for lawsuits brought by private citizens for fraud committed against the United States.

Georgia's new false claims law provides for recovery and penalties against any person or entity that defrauds the State or local governments. This includes false claims presented to the Georgia Medicaid program, any Georgia county, municipality, town, school district, hospital authority, MARTA, or other political subdivision.

Some examples of fraudulent activity against the government that could provide the basis for a false claims whistleblower case include:

  • Overbilling or billing for unnecessary services or services/goods not provided
  • Improper payments or fees
  • Kickbacks
  • Falsifying test results or certifications relating to quality or cost of products sold to the government
  • Inaccurate or off-label marketing of pharmaceuticals
  • Underpaying money owed

At Butler Wooten & Peak LLP, our experienced Georgia whistleblower attorneys are dedicated to helping clients protect the public interest while obtaining substantial compensation they deserve for bringing the fraud to the attention of the government. If you believe you may have a whistleblower claim, don't hesitate to contact us.

The penalty against the perpetrator is between $5,500 and $11,000 for each false claim, three times the amount of damages the government sustained because of the fraud, and all costs and reasonable expenses incurred in bringing the lawsuit. Whistleblowers are entitled to 15-30 percent of the proceeds. The law also protects the whistleblower from retaliation by their employer due to the whistleblower's participation in the suit. Find out more about the procedure involved in bringing a Georgia false claims lawsuit by clicking here.

Our firm has experience handling complex civil litigation and has obtained several substantial recoveries in whistleblower cases. We have the resources to handle whistleblower cases on a contingency basis, relieving our clients of the financial risk associated with bringing a lawsuit.

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