Government Intervention In False Claims Act Cases

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In False Claims Act cases, the government has the option to intervene and assume prosecution responsibility from the whistleblower. A more recent trend in False Claims Act cases involves the government electing "not to intervene at this time" because of its own lack of resources or its inability to complete its investigation in the time allowed by the courts.

If the government has elected "not to intervene" or "not to intervene at this time" in your meritorious False Claims Act qui tam suit, Butler Wooten & Peak LLP, is the trial firm with the expertise and resources to take your case from unsealing through trial. Our tenacity and unwillingness to settle for less than what is owed has resulted in over 1.5 billion dollars worth of recoveries for our clients across our practice lines and hundreds of millions of dollars for referring counsel.

Butler Wooten & Peak LLP, helped pioneer litigation trial tactics that are used throughout the country today and are on the cutting edge of developments in the False Claims Act arena. We have handled cases in 30 states and have a proven track record of fighting to obtain the documents we need to successfully prosecute our clients' cases. Our philosophy is to prepare every case for trial from the start; no defendant will catch us unprepared.

In United States ex rel. Bibby v. Wells Fargo, et al., Butler Wooten & Peak LLP, was associated by Relators' counsel while the case was still under seal after it became apparent the government would not intervene at that time. That case alleged that eight large financial institutions were committing fraud against the Veterans Administration by illegally charging veterans for attorneys' fees and other charges when they refinanced their VA-guaranteed IRRRL loans, contrary to the statute and regulations, and then sought payment on those fraudulently-guaranteed loans when the veteran defaulted. After the Government elected "not to intervene at this time," Butler Wooten & Peak LLP, secured settlements from six of the eight defendants-all of whom had filed motions to dismiss stating that the case had no merit-for over $160 million. These six defendants represent only approximately 30 percent of the market share, and BWP is still pursuing our clients' claims against the remaining two defendants-Wells Fargo and Mortgage Investors Corporation.

Butler Wooten & Peak LLP, has the experienced attorneys, strong resources, and dogged determination to offer you the best choice for your substantial qui tam cases. Contact our office to discuss your case.