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Fraud Related To Military Contracts And Services

Butler Wooten & Peak LLP's Columbus, Georgia office is near Fort Benning, home of the U.S. Army Maneuver Center of Excellence, and our experienced trial attorneys have a special interest in protecting the rights of America's service members and veterans. Butler Wooten & Peak LLP, recently recovered over $160 million for the government and our clients as a result of banks cheating veterans and the government in VA-guaranteed refinance loans.

Many False Claims Act claims involve fraud related to military and defense contracts. This type of fraud can have serious consequences for the brave men and women defending our country. For example, in March 2009, Sikorsky Aircraft Company agreed to pay the United States more than $2.9 million to settle False Claims Act allegations that it had knowingly installed in its helicopters armored plates that had not been tested to withstand combat as was required under the government contract. While fortunately no injuries arose from the installation of the untested plates, the direct risk to our service members was real and unwarranted. And of course, government contract fraud impacts our service members by putting funds into the contractors' pockets instead of into the missions the funds were designated to support.

Government contract fraud can take many forms. Among the most common types of contractor frauds are:

  • Providing the government with substandard products or services;
  • Violating the government contract by substituting cheaper or substandard parts;
  • Improperly shifting costs and expenses between one or more contracts ("cross-charging"); and
  • Improperly inflating costs and charges.

By exposing government contract fraud, you have the opportunity to do the right thing and the potential to earn substantial compensation for doing so.

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