Butler Wooten & Peak LLP - Atlanta, Georgia

Video transcript: My name is Bert Jessmon. I was in a wreck. I was on the back of a garbage truck that got hit by a car. My boss's wife's sister found these people, the firm. They worked very well. They worked with me throughout the years I was with this case. They take everything to heart. They really do work very well with you, and whatever your decisions are, they stand by them. They're just a great firm and I would recommend them to anybody.

Video transcript:
I was in a car wreck, and I contacted Butler Wooten & Peak. Brandon Peak was my attorney, along with his paralegal, Marci. They went beyond, above and beyond, to help me. Whenever I needed questions, whenever I had to come to the office, they were always there for me. They were never late. I did not have to wait. And they were just, It's just a nice law firm that really care about their clients, and I would highly recommend them to my family, my friends, my coworkers, my church family, Anyone who would need a lawyer, I suggest you all to give them a call. Thank you.

McDaniel Review

Dear Mr. Butler,

For the past several weeks I have watched with great interest, the trial of Moseley vs. General Motors. Never have I been so moved. Your passion and humanity was truly inspiring.

I have tremendous respect for your courage in forcing General Motors to be answerable for their actions. But more than that, your unflagging dignity is something I will not forget.

Last night as I tucked my children into bed I couldn't help feeling that their world was a bit safer, because of men like you.

Very truly yours,

Joanne McDaniel