Truck Accident Cases

Tractor Trailer/Catastrophic Personal Injury
$11,000,000 Cash Settlement - 11/14/2016

Bert Jessmon v. Greenwich Insurance Company, et al. State Court of Gwinnett County, Georgia. On a clear January morning, Bert Jessmon was working at the rear of a garbage truck in Ringgold, Georgia when he was pinned in between the rear of the garbage truck and a vehicle that had been struck by a commercial chipper truck owned and operated by W.A. Kendall & Company, Inc.

Bert’s right leg was mangled and Bert nearly died at the scene. A helicopter flew Bert to a Level 1 trauma center where doctors amputated his right leg and performed numerous surgeries on his left leg. Although he survived, Bert will have to periodically purchase and wear an expensive prosthetic leg for the rest of his life. He was in his early thirties when the collision occurred.

The firm zealously pushed Bert’s case forward against W.A. Kendall and its insurance company. We filed the lawsuit two months after the wreck and quickly got to work taking multiple depositions to make sure we could put on the best case possible at trial. The firm’s work ultimately resulted in the Defendants admitting liability for the collision shortly before trial.

The case settled moments before jury selection was set to begin. Rather than risk trial, the defendants’ made the largest settlement offer in American history in a case involving an above-the-knee amputation. It was a pleasure for the firm to represent Bert and his family. We have significant experience handling amputation cases.

Video transcript: My name is Bert Jessmon. I was in a wreck. I was on the back of a garbage truck that got hit by a car. My boss's wife's sister found these people, the firm. They worked very well. They worked with me throughout the years I was with this case. They take everything to heart. They really do work very well with you, and whatever your decisions are, they stand by them. They're just a great firm and I would recommend them to anybody.

Tractor-Trailer/Wrongful Death
$45,000,000 Cash Settlement - 04/08/2016

James M. DeLoach, Jr., et al. v. Total Transportation of Mississippi, et al. State and Superior Courts of Bryan County, Georgia. During the early morning hours of April 22, 2015, seven Georgia Southern University nursing students, traveling in two vehicles, were on the way to a hospital in Savannah, Georgia for clinical training when a tractor-trailer owned and operated by Defendant Total Transportation of Mississippi, LLC slammed into the rear of their vehicles, which were stopped in a long line of traffic on I-16 EB in Bryan County, Georgia. Five of the young women died in the fiery crash. Two young women miraculously survived with severe physical and emotional injuries.

Our firm represented the families of Caitlyn Baggett, Emily Clark, and Abbie DeLoach, three of the young women who died in the crash. We also represented Megan Richards, one of the young women who survived. After thoroughly investigating the cause of the crash, we filed suit in Bryan County, Georgia in an effort to obtain justice for our clients and to determine why this horrific crash occurred.

Through investigative work prior to trial, we were able to prove that the truck driver driving the tractor-trailer that caused this horrible crash should have never been behind the wheel of the truck because of his bad safety record. More specifically, we were able to prove that Total Transportation of Mississippi, LLC, which was subject to the control of U.S. Xpress Enterprises, had a hiring rule in place that prohibited any driver who had been in a rollover during the previous three years from being hired.

After filing a separate lawsuit in Texas to obtain records from the truck driver’s prior employer, we obtained records proving that the driver had been recently fired from his prior job as a truck-driver for falling asleep behind the wheel and rolling a tractor-trailer. This information was available to Total Transportation of Mississippi, LLC, but Total Transportation ignored it and instead put a dangerous driver behind the wheel of a tractor-trailer. The result of that decision was Johnson again likely fell asleep behind the wheel during the early morning hours of April 22, 2015, taking the lives of five outstanding young women with extremely bright futures ahead of them.

We doggedly pushed this case to trial and had the trial scheduled in less than a year from the time of the wreck. As a result of the information discovered and our clients’ willingness to push these cases to trial, the Defendants and their insurers settled these cases on the eve of trial. The collective settlements exceeded $75 million. The individual settlements are believed to be the highest pre-trial settlements ever paid in individual wrongful death cases in Georgia history.

It was an honor to help these families obtain justice for the death of their daughters. As part of the settlements, we believe Total Transportation will take action to make sure this type of tragedy never happens again, which was a goal of our clients.

Father of Abbie DeLoach's testimony

Truck Accident
$3,285,000 Verdict – 4/29/2015

Angela Burns v. JB Trucking, Inc. and Grange Indemnity Insurance Company, State Court of Rockdale County, Georgia. On November 9, 2012, Mrs. Burns, a U.S. army veteran, was seriously injured when her car was T-boned by a large box truck running a red light. The striking driver was fatigued and unqualified to be driving the commercial motor vehicle. The interstate motor carrier that employed the striking driver was aware of his lack of qualifications, poor driving history, and that he was driving for the motor carrier immediately after working through the night at another job. Mrs. Burns suffered memory loss and other injuries as a result of the collision. The firm defeated a summary judgment motion by Defendants attempting to limit the extent of their insurance coverage to an amount well below the statutory minimum. The trial lasted less than two days, and the verdict consisted of $1,750,000 in compensatory damages, $1,500,000 in punitive damages (ultimately reduced to $250,000 by the judge per the statutory cap) and $35,000 in expenses of litigation.

$5,300,000 Cash Settlement - 6/2013

Unnamed Plaintiff v. Unnamed Defendants. Injuries to driver of automobile who was hit by a Tractor-Trailer truck. Other information about this case is confidential at the request of defendants.

Tractor-Trailer / Wrongful Death
Cash Settlement – 10/05/2011

Parrish, et al. v. P & J Trucking, Inc., G and H Logging Co., Inc., et al., State Court of Ware County, Georgia. On April 29, 2010, Ms. Elizabeth Parrish was headed home from a Sunday School dinner party traveling on Corridor Z eastbound toward Waycross, Georgia. As Ms. Parrish crested a hill, a fully loaded logging truck pulled out in front of Ms. Parrish. The driver had been on the job over 14 hours and had just re-fueled at a station in this same area. Although Ms. Parrish attempted to avoid hitting the truck she couldn’t stop in time and the logs on the trailer slammed through the front windshield. The logging truck was in violation of the law due to adequate reflective tape and a required strobe lamp. Without the proper reflective tape and functioning strobe light, the tractor-trailer was virtually impossible for Ms. Parrish to see in time to avoid the collision. Plaintiffs were able to obtain the video surveillance from the station which indisputably proved the strobe light was not functioning prior to the collision. Ms. Parrish ultimately died from the injuries she sustained.

Tractor-Trailer / Wrongful Death
$8,000,000 Cash Settlement – 08/12/2011

Perlotte, et al. v. Harrison Poultry et al., Superior Court of Oglethorpe County, Georgia. On October 15, 2009, an employee of Harrison Poultry was driving a Harrison Poultry tractor-trailer on Georgia Highway 10 in Oglethorpe County. The tractor-trailer drove into the rear of a pick-up truck. The force of the collision threw both the pick-up truck and the tractor-trailer into the oncoming lanes of traffic. All three men in the pick-up were killed in the collision. The Georgia State Patrol found 4 of the 6 brakes on the tractor were out of adjustment and unsafe to be on the road. Less than two months after the lawsuit was filed, the Defendants settled.

Tractor-Trailer / Wrongful Death
Cash Settlement – 07/05/2011

Linda Croy, et al. v. Reece Logging, Inc., Jackie L. Blackwell, and FCCI Insurance Company, Superior Court of Dawson County, Georgia. On April 10, 2008 Felicia Croy suffered a fatal injury when the 1995 GM pickup truck she was driving was violently hit by a Reece Logging truck. The driver of the logging truck crossed over the centerline of a 2-lane roadway, lost control, flipped the truck on its side and skidded, trailer and logs first, into Ms. Croy’s vehicle. The driver was charged with DUI, 1st degree vehicular homicide and driving without a license among other charges. The amount of the settlement is confidential at the request of the Defendants.

Tractor-Trailer / Personal Injury
Cash Settlement – 04/21/2011

Susan Hust v. Ronnie Dowdy, Inc., National Specialty Ins. Co., and Ralph Picardo, U. S. District Court, Southern District of Georgia, Augusta, Georgia. On October 30, 2010, Susan Hust was awakened from sleep when an 18-wheeler tractor-trailer crashed through her apartment into her bedroom and pinned her against the wall. Ms. Hust suffered a broken back and neck. The case settled on a policy limits demand and is confidential at the Defendants’ request.

$4,000,000 Cash Settlement - 11/2009

Plaintiff v Anonymous Trucking Company Georgia. Plaintiff was killed when his vehicle was struck by a Tractor-Trailer whose driver was inattentive and going too fast for conditions. Our investigation showed that the truck was negligently maintained, that the driver had a bad driving history, and that the employer had not completed a pre-hiring investigation prior to allowing this driver on the road. The identities of the parties are confidential at defendants' request

Wrongful Death
$5,470,000 Verdict – 10/23/09

Pitts v. A&G Trucking. Inc., et al., State Court of DeKalb County, Georgia. Plaintiffs, four minor children, recovered for the death of their father, who was killed by a dump truck driver while the decedent was working as a "spotter" or "flag man" on the runway expansion at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport. According to eye-witnesses, the driver of the dump truck was talking on her cell phone or CB radio and was given a stop signal by the deceased. Although she initially obeyed the stop signal, the driver then negligently began backing up without receiving any other signals, running over the decedent. Defendants contended that the decedent had himself violated a workplace rule by turning his back and walking behind the dump truck driver while she was backing her truck. The jury found in favor of the Plaintiff.

Tractor-Trailer / Nighttime Under-ride Case / Wrongful Death
Cash and Structured Settlement – 8/6/08

Plaintiffs v. National Gypsum, CPC Logistics, Inc., CPC Building and Manufacturing Products, LLC, et al., U.S. District Court, Northern District of Georgia, Atlanta Division. On January 24, 2006 just after dark, a CPC truck driver was backing a tractor-trailer across a two lane country road in South Georgia. The truck driver failed to accurately observe an oncoming vehicle driven by Plaintiff who struck the trailer broadside. Defendants denied all fault for the wreck and blamed the decedent arguing that she could have, and should have, seen the trailer across her lane. Our firm showed through expert testimony and scientific studies that the trailer could not have been seen in time for the wreck to be avoided. The case was settled for a confidential amount shortly before trial.

Tanker Truck Wreck / Wrongful Death
$5,000,000 Cash Settlement – 1/03/08

Unnamed Plaintiffs v. Orica USA, Inc., State Court of Gwinnett County Georgia. On August 21, 2006, a 24 year-old lady was turning left into a private driveway on a rural North Georgia highway. As Plaintiff was making her turn, an Orica tanker truck attempted to pass her. Because the Orica truck was speeding, it was unable to avoid a collision and struck Plaintiff’s car broadside resulting in her death. The firm was able to establish the speed of the tanker truck by analyzing the truck’s "black box" which proved key to establishing the fault of the Orica driver and absolving Plaintiff of any negligence.

Tractor-Trailer/ Personal Injury
Settlement – 11/2/07

Plaintiff v. United Van Lines & Planes Moving & Storage, Inc., Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. Plaintiff was severely injured when his tractor-trailer struck an overturned tractor-trailer on I-80 in Centre County, Pennsylvania. Plaintiff suffered a fractured cheek bone and lacerations to his face. The firm investigated the collision, interviewed the witnesses, and found that the driver of the overturned tractor-trailer had fallen asleep shortly before his tractor-trailer overturned. The case settled in response to a demand letter sent to the Defendants’ insurance carriers.

Tractor-Trailer Wreck / Improper Turn / Conspicuity
Confidential Cash Settlement - 7/10/06

Plaintiffs v. Anonymous Defendant and Insurance Company, State Court of Fulton County, Georgia. Plaintiffs were the two sons of a 72-year old man who was tragically killed when he struck the rear of a Tractor-Trailer that was improperly and dangerously turning at night and blocking two traffic lanes as the father was driving to work. Additionally, some of the rear lights on the Tractor-Trailer were inoperative and the trailer had no reflective tape. After suit was filed and discovery commenced, the wrongful death, personal injury and consortium claims were settled by the defendant and its insurance company prior to trial. At the defendant's request, the amount of the settlement is confidential.

Tractor-Trailer Wreck / Personal Injury
$679,000 Verdict – 5/6/06

Trudy Parker v. FM Logistics, Inc., Alejandro Quinonez, Superior Court of Newton County, Georgia. Trudy Parker was driving to her job on I-20 in the pre-dawn hours of December 15, 2001. Unknown to Ms. Parker, an FM Logistics ("FM") tractor-trailer, driven by Alejandro Quinonez, had run off the road and overturned. The tractor-trailer rig had come to rest blocking all three lanes of I-20. Ms. Parker was unable to avoid the trailer and debris blocking the road. Upon impact, she sustained serious orthopedic injuries, including permanent impairment to her foot and ankle. Defendant Quinonez was driving overtime in violation of federal regulations and he fell asleep at the wheel. Plaintiffs filed suit seeking compensatory and punitive damages against FM and Quinonez. FM failed to answer plaintiff's complaint, and the trial court entered default judgment accordingly. Even after default, FM engaged in discovery abuse, which resulted in an award of over $64,000 in fees and expenses in October 2005. The Court held a bench trial on damages in March 2006. Plaintiffs not only offered evidence of Quinonez's negligence and violation of safety regulations, but also proved FM and its drivers had engaged in a pattern and practice of disregard for federal safety regulations. The Court entered judgment in favor of Ms. Parker and awarded her $350,000 in compensatory damages, $250,000 in punitive damages, and $14,689 in final litigation expenses. FM paid the compensatory judgment in full, with interest. FM settled the remainder of the judgment while its appeal was pending.

Road Wreck / Wrongful Death
Cash Settlement - 3/30/06

Mitcham v. The Terminix International Company Limited Partnership, Georgia Department of Transportation, and Travis D. Hart, State Court of Lowndes County, State Court of Fulton County, State Court of Houston County, Georgia. Wrongful death of mother of four; brain damage to eight year-old daughter. Car wreck on I-75 in South Georgia. During a rainstorm, a truck belonging to Terminix slid out of control and crossed the median, striking the family's car. The firm proved that the truck had slick rear tires - one of the rear tires had 87,000 miles on it - and both occupants of the company truck had complained the morning of the wreck that it should not be driven without new tires. They were ordered to go to the job, anyway. The firm also proved that Terminix concealed in discovery key statements of management employees generated shortly after the wreck, which noted Terminix's prior knowledge of the condition of the rear tires on the Terminix truck and noted that the tires needed to be replaced prior to the wreck. The State Court of Lowndes County issued an order detailing the concealment of the statements and assessed attorney's fees against Terminix. Georgia's Department of Transportation was also sued because a blocked highway drain caused rain water to pool on the roadway. The settlement amount is confidential at defendants' request.

Tractor-Trailer Wreck / Wrongful Death
Cash Settlement – 10/18/05

In the Matter of Wrongful Death Proceeds for the next-of-kin of Melinda Ning Athakhanh, Decedent v. Covenant Transport, et al., District Court, Fourth Judicial District, Hennepin County, Minnesota. Melinda Athakhanh was killed when the small Honda she was driving was struck by a Covenant Transport tractor-trailer. The Covenant Transport tractor-trailer was traveling too fast for conditions and slid on ice. The tractor-trailer crossed the median and entered Melinda's lane of travel. Melinda was survived by her young daughter who miraculously survived the violent collision without injury. The amount of the settlement is confidential at the Defendant's request.

Wrongful Death
$1,000,000 Cash Settlement - 10/19/04

Zalkin v. Navin Enterprises, Inc., et al., The 13 year-old son of plaintiffs was run over after an unoccupied moving truck began rolling downhill towards plaintiffs' front yard. The truck left the roadway in front of the residence and ran over Michael Zalkin who was airlifted to Scottish Rite Hospital where he died from his injuries. The truck was owned by Navin Enterprises, Inc. who operated the truck as a franchisee of Two Men and A Truck/International, Inc. The truck company paid its policy limits without suit being filed.

Tractor-Trailer Accident / Wrongful Death
Confidential Settlement

Kerri Hayes, age 17, Jacob Hayes, age 11, and their stepfather James Richardson, were all killed when the small pickup truck in which they were riding was struck by a flatbed Tractor-Trailer near Albany, Georgia. The little pickup was turning left at an intersection, when the Tractor-Trailer ran a red light and "t-boned" the pickup. The Tractor-Trailer driver was distracted and failed to see the Richardson vehicle in time to stop or even slow down prior to impact. Richardson, et al. v. William Scottsman, Inc. and Andrew Kegler, State Court of Fulton County, Georgia (10/28/02).

Truck Accident
Cash Settlement

Plaintiff was injured when hit by a Tractor-Trailer that failed to stop at a red light at an intersection. It was proven that, at the time of the incident, the truck was being driven to Atlanta from Birmingham for brake repairs.

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Truck Accident / Wrongful Death
Cash Settlement

Driver of Tractor-Trailer, who had driven too much the week before the wreck and was on numerous medications unknown to his employer, lost control of his truck on a major highway near Atlanta. He crossed through the grassy median and entered oncoming traffic. Plaintiffs, on their way back to Illinois, were struck by the big truck. Mrs. Sandquist died in the collision. Mr. Sandquist sustained serious injuries.

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Large Truck Collision / Defective Shift Mechanism / Wrongful Death
Cash and Structured Settlement

Surviving widow and children of decedent sought damages when a large truck stopped in a multi-lane highway when an axle shift mechanism malfunctioned. Hancock v. Unnamed Defendants, State Court of Fulton County, Georgia (3/10/99).

Tractor-Trailer / Tow Truck Wreck / Wrongful Death
Cash and Structured Settlement

The spouse and eight surviving children of decedent brought suit for wrongful death against trucking company and wrecker service, which was towing the disabled defective Tractor-Trailer rig when decedent collided with rear of rig in pre-dawn darkness. Akins v. Crider Poultry Co., Inc. and Jennings Towing and Recovery International, Inc., et al., State Court of Fulton County, Georgia (6/16/97).

Truck Accident
$750,000 Cash Settlement

Policy limits settlement for personal injuries including mild closed head injury sustained when Tractor-Trailer rig hydroplaned, blocking lanes of traffic and causing a collision. Jarrell v. R.K. Wright Trucking Co., Inc. and John Deere Insurance Co., et al., State Court of Muscogee County, Georgia (12/2/96).

Truck Accident / Wrongful Death
$1,200,000 Cash Settlement

A 56-year-old woman was killed when the car in which she was riding was struck by a sheet rock truck. Collett v. Thacker North Inc., et al., State Court of Forsyth County, Georgia (11/22/96).

Lumber Truck and Motorcycle Accident / Personal Injury
$1,019,860.16 Cash and Structured Settlement (expected payout, with present value of $800,000)

A 54-year-old body shop worker was struck by a lumber delivery truck while riding a motorcycle. The plaintiff sustained a severed aorta, multiple broken ribs, and nerve damage as well as aggravation of a prior back injury and was disabled from resuming the duties of his employment. Jerry Thomas v. Ply-Marts, Inc., State Court of Gwinnett County, Georgia (3/5/96).

Truck Accident / Wrongful Death
Structured Settlement

A mother was killed and her young son/passenger sustained a traumatic brain injury when the passenger vehicle they were riding in struck and traveled underneath a Tractor-Trailer rig making a left turn onto a state highway in the pre-dawn darkness. Claims were made against the trailer manufacturer and trucking company for failing to equip the trailer with retroreflective tape to improve the conspicuity of the rig under nighttime conditions. Claims were also made based on the truck driver's negligence. Compton, et al. v. Major Tractor-Trailer Manufacturer and Trucking Company, United States District Court, Middle District of Georgia, Columbus Division (9/29/95).

Truck Accident / Wrongful Death
$1,000,000 Cash Settlement

Wrongful death of a 32-year-old truck driver who was killed when an employee of the defendant corporation ran a red light at a busy intersection. The case was settled by the defendant's insurer shortly prior to trial. Hanlon v. Harry's Farmers Markets, Inc., et al., State Court of Fulton County, Georgia (2/13/95).

Tractor-Trailer Wreck / Wrongful Death
$1,575,000 Settlement

Robert Alderson, age 27, was killed when his pickup truck was struck by a Tractor-Trailer owned by Conway Southern Express. A claim was brought by his common-law wife. In Re: Estate of Robert A. Alderson v. Conway Southern Express. (10/27/94).

Truck Accident / Wrongful Death
$1,175,000 Verdict

Wrongful death of 44-year-old wife and mother of two grown children, with no economic losses. Plaintiffs proved that dump truck was speeding and had unsafe equipment. Verdict included an award of $50,000 for pre-impact fright, shock and terror. Christopher M. Kyzer, In His Representative Capacity As Administrator of the Estate of Ruth Kyzer, Deceased and Larry A. Kyzer v. Metro Atlanta Trucking Company, Inc., Johnny McFadden, and Credit General Insurance Company, Superior Court of Clayton County, Georgia (4/8/94).

Tractor-Trailer Accident / Wrongful Death
$900,000 Cash Settlement

Wrongful death of an 18-year-old high school student caused when Tractor-Trailer traveling at excessive speed approached a minor collision and overturned, pinning the decedent and causing his death. Williams v. N.K. Hurst Co., Inc., et al., United States District Court, Middle District of Georgia, Columbus Division (3/24/94).

Dump Truck Accident
$779,325 Structured Settlement (present value - $475,000)

A 29-year-old construction worker was run over by a dump truck on a construction site resulting in orthopedic injuries, nerve damage and permanent partial disability. Lasseter v. M&M Trucking Company, Inc. and Curtis Provost, Circuit Court of Russell County, Alabama (2/4/94).

Dump Truck Auto Collision / Wrongful Death
$700,000 Cash Settlement

Wrongful death claims for a 98-year-old woman and her 72-years-old daughter resulting when dump truck failed to yield right of way. Amos, et al. v. Maxey Brothers, Inc., et al., Superior Court of Oconee County, Georgia (8/15/93).

Tractor-Trailer Accident / Wrongful Death
$1,750,000 Cash Settlement

A 46-year-old truck driver died when struck as a pedestrian by a tractor-trailer rig. Decedent's wife witnessed the aftermath of collision and settlement included claims for her emotional distress in addition to wrongful death and estate claims for her deceased husband. Hutcherson v. The Progressive Corporation, Progressive Casualty Insurance Company, TABS, Inc., and Carl E. Hicks, United States District Court, Northern District of Georgia (7/12/93).

Large Truck Collision / Wrongful Death
$755,000 Cash Settlement

A 41-year-old registered nurse died when her vehicle struck a disabled large building supply truck stopped in her lane of travel. Turner v. American Builders and Contractors Supply Company, Inc. and Carl Anthony Richardson (5/24/93).

Truck Accident
$715,225 Cash and Structured Settlement ($207,500 cash paid at settlement, plus annuity with $100,000 present cash value)

A 13-year-old passenger sustained a fractured hip and lacerations when a Tractor-Trailer struck his vehicle. Barber v. Ryder Distribution Resources, Inc. and Old Republic Insurance Company (3/15/93).

Motorcycle and Truck Accident
$800,000 Cash Settlement

Multiple fractures to 34-year-old construction worker when his motorcycle was hit by Defendant's moving truck making an illegal U-turn. 12/23/92 - Liddell v. K.D. Curry Enterprises, State Court of Fulton County, Georgia.

Tractor-Trailer Accident / Wrongful Death
$710,000 Cash Settlement

Wrongful death of homemaker following impact with Tractor-Trailer truck that was illegally parked along residential street. Miller v. J&M Tank Lines, Inc., et al., United States District Court, Middle District of Georgia (5/15/92).

Tractor-Trailer Accident / Wrongful Death
$5,000,000 Cash Settlement

Tractor-Trailer turned over at interstate north of Atlanta, injuring the parents of our clients, both of whom died at the scene.

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Truck Accident
$10,533,336 Structured Settlement (present cash value $4,100,000)

Brain damage and severe physical injury to 38-year-old man in collision between Tractor-Trailer truck and car. Thompson v. Schneider Transportation, Inc., United States District Court, Middle District of Georgia, Macon Division (7/12/91).

Truck Accident / Wrongful Death
$8,501,000 Verdict

Wrongful death of a 23-year-old man following impact with a Tractor-Trailer truck whose driver was 'playing 'passing games' on a two-lane highway. Decedent drove onto shoulder of road in attempt to evade impact with Tractor-Trailer truck. Avant v. Coleman-American Companies, Inc., et al., State Court of Muscogee County, Georgia (6/24/91).

Truck Accident
$1,500,000 Cash Settlement

Tractor-Trailer wreck resulting in severe facial injuries, blindness in one eye, and a broken femur. Huguley v. Lumber Transportation, Inc., State Court of Cobb County, Georgia (2/28/90).

Truck Accident / Wrongful Death
$670,650 Verdict

Improper turn by Tractor-Trailer truck driver causing collision which resulted in injuries to and death of a 67-year-old retired factory worker. Brown v. Seaboard Farms, Inc., Superior Court of Fulton County, Georgia (4/20/89).

Truck Accident / Wrongful Death
$4,908,453 Structured Settlement (present cash value - $1,498,381)

Wrongful death of 50-year-old bicyclist caused when truck pulling oversized load without escort vehicle passed decedent and blade of bulldozer being hauled on lowboy hit decedent in neck. Negligent entrustment and hiring - driver had long history of reckless driving; proved inadequate safety program. Sullivan v. Tugalo Construction Company, State Court of Fulton County, Georgia (4/7/89).

Truck Accident
$500,000 Cash Settlement

Soft tissue injuries to spine and suspected permanent neurological impairment caused by collision with Tractor-Trailer. Hughes v. National Service Lines of New Jersey, Inc. and Michigan Mutual Insurance Co., State Court of Fulton County, Georgia (9/29/88).

Truck Accident
$550,000 Verdict ($350,000 punitive damages)

Broken jaw and lacerations in Tractor-Trailer collision. Tractor-Trailer speeding around curve - canvas straps securing load of lumber broke; lumber crashed into plaintiff's pickup truck. Proved knowing violation of Alabama law regulating method for securing loads on flatbed trailer. Davis v. Great Southern Wood Preserving, Inc., United States District Court, Middle District, of Georgia, Columbus Division (6/28/88).

Tractor-Trailer Accident / Wrongful Death
$30,256,768 Verdict ($28.5 million in punitive damages) (Case settled after verdict)

Wrongful death of 29-year-old housewife and factory worker.

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Tractor-Trailer Accident
$450,000 Verdict

Three vehicle collision, including Tractor-Trailer; knee injury. $100,000 punitive damages. Only $15,000 was offered. Clark v. Roadway Express, et al., Superior Court of Harris County, Georgia (6/20/84).

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