Hours of Service Violations for Commercial Vehicles

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Federal and state laws regulate how much commercial truck drivers may drive before they are required to take a break. The rules are based on scientific studies of truck driver safety and truck driver fatigue, as well as analysis of truck accidents. Generally speaking, a truck driver may not drive more than 11 hours in one day, and they may not be on duty for more than 14 hours in one day. The federal regulations also have cumulative provisions: truckers may not drive more than 60 hours driving in any 7-day period, or 70 hours in any 8-day period.

When truck drivers violate hours-of-service regulations, they are more likely to cause a serious or fatal truck accident. At Butler Wooten & Peak LLP, our knowledgeable truck accident lawyers have more than 20 years of experience investigating the causes of crashes. Contact us or call our law firm at 800-213-5343 to schedule a free case evaluation to discuss a Georgia truck accident.

Investigating Hours-of-Service Violations After a Crash

There are many causes of truck accidents that must be investigated after a truck accident that has resulted in catastrophic or fatal injuries. Was the truck driver fatigued? Was the driver distracted? Was the truck properly maintained with adequate lights, brakes and tires? These are all important questions that our truck accident lawyers will aggressively investigate on your behalf.

The answers to these questions will also help determine the cause of the crash. One big piece of understanding the truck accident is to review the driver's logbook. If there are logbook violations or the driver failed to maintain proper recordings in the logbook, it's likely that the driver violated hours-of-service regulations. We will also investigate the log books and driving practices of other truckers at the truck company to determine if the company routinely allows its drivers to violate the hours of service rules. Some companies put the bottom line ahead of the safety of Georgia drivers, and those companies must be held accountable for their negligence.

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