Inadequate Maintenance

When a Truck Company Fails to Properly Maintain its Fleet, Resulting in Serious Injuries, There Should be Consequences

Commercial trucks are heavily used vehicles with many moving parts that are constantly under stress. Proper maintenance is an extremely important aspect of motor vehicle safety. When trucking companies neglect their responsibilities, they can cause serious accidents.

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Was the Truck That Hit You Properly Maintained and Inspected?

Operating companies, leasing companies and other trucking companies are responsible for keeping trucks in safe condition. In addition, truck drivers must inspect their vehicles every time they take them out on the road, looking for defects in systems such as the following:

  • Brake failure : A truck's brakes are its last line of defense against a wreck. Brake failure is one of the primary causes of truck accidents and is often the result of the truck driver and trucking company's failure to adequately inspect and maintain their brakes.
  • Worn tires : On a massive vehicle that is driven for many hours every day, the tires can wear down much more quickly than on a passenger car. Putting a truck on the road with worn tires can result in hydroplaning, tire explosion and other serious hazards.
  • Inadequate lighting: Truckers and trucking companies have a strong responsibility to maintain their headlights and other lighting in good working condition. They must also ensure that the trucks and trailers have proper and clean reflective tape. Trucks that are not visible to other drivers at night or in heavy rain are extremely dangerous.

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