Georgia Logging Truck Accident Attorneys

What Should I Do If I Have Been In a Dump Truck or Commercial Vehicle Accident In Georgia?

Logging trucks, dump trucks and other heavy commercial vehicles are common sights on Georgia highways like 221, 441, 82, 84, 25 341, 41, & US1 and Southern Georgia rural roads both during the day and at night. When these vehicles are not maintained and driven safely, they can do catastrophic and potentially fatal harm in crashes.

At Butler Wooten & Peak LLP, our Georgia logging truck accident lawyers pursue compensation for all types of commercial vehicle collisions. If you have been seriously injured or have lost a loved one, don't hesitate to contact us for a free case evaluation.

Pursuing Claims Against Logging and Waste Transport Companies

Georgia produces more paper and paperboard than any other state except Alabama. All of that production requires massive amounts of pulping wood, which is transported through the state on the heavily loaded logging trucks that you can see on highways like I-95, I-75, I-85, I-20 and I-16 and other roadways coming out of Hoboken, Cairo and Whigham.

Garbage trucks also travel long distances on Georgia highways, often transporting waste to landfills in South Carolina and Alabama. Both logging trucks and dump trucks are heavy commercial vehicles that must be operated safely and maintained properly to avoid serious accidents.

At Butler Wooten & Peak LLP, our attorneys are dedicated to holding negligent logging and waste companies accountable for catastrophic injuries and fatalities.

We will immediately get our experienced investigators on the scene to determine the causes of your accident. We will then identify all parties that can be held legally accountable, and our dedicated trial lawyers will aggressively pursue the full compensation you are entitled to.

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