Commercial Vehicle Log Book Violations

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Every commercial truck driver is required by law to record miles traveled and hours of service in a logbook each day. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) regulations mandate the accurate reporting of this information in a log. Failure to report time in the logbook can lead to serious punishment and license suspension. The bigger issue, however, is when truck drivers falsify their records or hide their records after a crash to comply with federal regulations. Truckers will often doctor their log books to hide the fact that they have been driving too long, in violation of the hours of service rules.

At Butler Wooten & Peak LLP, our truck accident attorneys will aggressively investigate logbook violations after a crash, as a part of our comprehensive approach to trucking cases. In many cases, the logbook will provide important insight into the cause of a serious or fatal truck accident. Sometimes, computer data from satellites or the truck itself will prove that the logbooks have been falsified. Contact us or call our Atlanta-based law firm at 800-213-5343 to schedule your free case evaluation today.

Federal Regulations Impose Rules for Safety

Federal regulations impose strict rules for truck drivers, semi-truck drivers and other commercial vehicle operators for safety purposes. When drivers violate the rules by driving long hours or when they are tired, they are more likely to cause truck accidents.

Long periods of driving on cross-country roads that pass through Atlanta also increase the risk of a crash. Drivers begin to lose focus and their restlessness increases. Drivers on the road for extended periods without a break are also likely to drive distracted, talking on cellphones or sending text messages while driving.

Logbook rules are in place to hold drivers to strict standards and ensure compliance with federal regulations. When drivers ignore these rules and cause a truck crash, they should be held responsible for the harm they've caused.

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