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Atlanta DUI Accident Attorneys Holding Drunk Drivers Accountable in Georgia

Drunk drivers and drugged drivers cause thousands of accidents throughout the U.S. each year. With reduced motor function skills and delayed reaction time, it only takes a second for a drunk driver to cross the center line, run a red light or blow through a stop sign, leading to serious and catastrophic injuries for others involved in the drunk driving accident.

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Drunk Driving Accident Injuries and Recovery

Common injuries caused by a drunk driving crash include brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and other life-threatening injuries. Whether you were struck by a drunk truck driver, a drunk motorcyclist or a drunk car driver, you have the right to compensation for your injuries, medical bills and lost wages.

The sad truth when it comes to drunk driving accidents is that the drunk driver usually suffers the least from the serious and often fatal collision he or she caused. The good news is that Georgia law takes a dim view of those who injure others through drug and alcohol abuse. In Georgia, an award of punitive damages is usually limited to a maximum of $250,000. But, when the injury involves drugs or alcohol, the jury may award uncapped punitive damages to punish the defendant and to deter other defendants from engaging in the same behavior.

Focus On Your Recovery While Your Drunk Driving Accident Attorney Focuses On Your Case

After a motor vehicle accident, it is critical that you and your family focus on your health and well-being. Many types of car accident injuries take time, energy and rehabilitation or physical therapy. It is important, however, that your attorney begin collecting key evidence as soon as possible. All sorts of evidence must be secured, ranging from empty beer can in defendant's floorboard to the defendant's blood and/or urine samples.

While you focus on your injuries, it is important that you hire an Atlanta car accident lawyer who will protect your right to receive compensation for the harm caused by the drunk or drugged driver. At Butler Wooten & Peak LLP, we will rely on our significant resources and our proven record of success to investigate the accident and pursue compensation for your injuries from the drunk driver, his or her insurance or the establishment that overserved him or her.

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