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Log Truck Driver Blamed For January Pileup, Serious Injuries

A wall of fog and a log truck driver who didn't respond properly to the limited visibility it caused on the interstate were blamed for a chain-reaction crash that left at least one man with serious injuries. The log-truck driver side-swiped a semi before rear-ending a Subaru and dragging the SUV 180 feet down the interstate. The Subaru reportedly rolled several times as it was pushed around by the logging truck.

The log truck driver was tested for impairment, but no drugs or alcohol was found in his system. Investigators blame the crash on the driver's failure to adjust his speed appropriately to the limited visibility caused by the weather conditions.

This particular logging truck accident occurred in Idaho, but could easily have taken place here in Southern Georgia, on any one of the interstates, highways and rural roads that connect our logging industry to various mills and other markets. These large commercial vehicles present potential safety issues similar to other trucks sharing our Georgia roadways, including:

  • Unsecured loads: failing to adequately secure oversized timber can present serious dangers of debris in the roadway or that can actually collide with other drivers
  • Large loads: overweight logging trucks take longer to stop and can cause more damage to the road systems upon which they travel
  • Tired drivers: driver fatigue, just like with over-the-road sem-truck drivers can result in drowsy, inattentive driving of a multi-ton vehicle

Drivers may be able to protect themselves from a serious logging truck accident by increasing their following distance. This would give the driver additional time to react should timber fall from the truck or if the truck driver should lose control. Increasing your following distance is just a way to prevent serious accidents from occurring. It is still the responsibility of the logging company and the driver of the truck to ensure that he or she is not creating circumstances that could result in a serious or fatal Georgia highway accident.

Source: Idaho Statesman, "Log truck driver blamed in massive Jan. 9 I-84 crash near Meridian," January 23, 2014

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