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September 2014 Archives

Driver Safety Tips For The Fall Season

Autumn can be a perilous time for drivers and pedestrians. As the heat of summer fades and the school year begins, more pedestrians hit the sidewalks and streets. More walkers mean more chances of accident occurring. Nearly 100,000 pedestrians are injured each year. Roughly 6,000 are killed by cars and trucks. Pedestrian deaths have dropped considerably over the years, but that is largely a function of fewer people choosing to walk. Walkers are in as much danger now as they have ever been.

GM And NHTSA Taken To Task In Congressional Report

Who knew what and when should action have been taken? Government officials and safety experts are seeking answers regarding the ignition switch defects that plagued several cars made by General Motors over a period lasting for years. Millions of vehicles have now been recalled revealing the scope of the problem. At least 19 car accident fatalities have been linked to the faulty ignition switches, with more expected in the coming months and years.

Report Paints Bleak Picture Of Motorcycle Safety

Motorcyclist safety has not improved in 15 years, according to a report from the Governors Highway Safety Association. While car accident fatalities have trended downward, the danger of motorcycling has remained static or even grown. While 2013 saw fewer motorcycle fatalities than 2012, the drop has been attributed to bad weather keeping riders off the roads. The 2013 total of 4,610 rider deaths is far too high and needs to be addressed.

Keep Your Eyes On The Road

Your car may soon be able to detect when your eyes wander due to distraction or fatigue. The commercial trucking industry has already begun investing in devices meant to track the eyes and faces of drivers. General Motors has now made a similar investment by purchasing 500,000 tracking devices from the company Seeing Machines. The devices can tell within a single degree of angle where you are looking.

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