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November 2014 Archives

Stay Safe During Thanksgiving Travels

Current projections for holiday travel suggest that 41.3 million Americans will travel more than 50 miles by car this Thanksgiving holiday. Holiday travelers should expect to face unusually crowded streets and potentially poor weather. While we expect clear skies in Atlanta this weekend, many across the country will be facing rain, snow and heavy winds. In order to make Thanksgiving a safe and enjoyable time, you should take steps to avoid the hazards that derail so many trips this time of year. If you are prepared and remain cautious, you increase your chances of avoiding a car accident.

What Car Accidents Cost The Citizens Of Georgia

The financial toll of a fatal car accident is far less important than the emotional toll it takes on loved ones. It is a large factor, however, in determining what resources are directed toward making the roads safer for everyone. It is also a large factor in determining the appropriate compensation for the loved ones left behind after a deadly accident caused by negligence. A recent compilation conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows just how large an impact these crashes have on the nation as a whole and on Georgia citizens, in particular.

Slow Or Weak Regulation Of Trucking Companies

At what point does a truck driver or trucking company become an unacceptable threat to other motor vehicle safety? Not every accident involving a semi truck is the fault of the driver or the company that owns the truck. Most people would agree that it would be unfair to stop a driver from working or a company from operating because of a single accident caused by another driver. Is one speeding ticket enough to stop a driver? Is one violation enough to put a trucking company out of business? Most would say no, but where the line should be drawn is open to debate.

When People Can't Put Down Their Phones

Addiction is a difficult subject for many. Few people are eager to admit that they are dependent on an unhealthy habit. While alcohol and drug addiction cost many lives in car accidents every year, it is possible that cell phone addiction will grow to be equally damaging. One recent study showed that as many as 60 percent of high school students are addicted to their cell phones. Cell phone use among high school and college aged people might shock older generations. As this group begins to dominate the driving population, the number of distracted driving accidents could skyrocket.

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