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Avoiding injuries in a Georgia car crash

In the aftermath of a car accident, there are several types of injuries an individual may suffer from. However, many of these injuries are preventable. For instance, injuries to the hands and face may be prevented through proper use of a seat belt or other restraint system within the car. Passengers may also be able to protect themselves against scrapes and bruises by learning how to cover themselves during a crash.

Brain injuries, such as a concussion, can be serious and long-lasting. The best way to prevent a possible head injury is to drive a car that has proper side and front airbags. While some contend that airbags cause more injuries than they prevent, research shows that the risk of an airbag is much less than the long-term impact of a head injury.

Neck and back injuries may also be prevented by wearing a seat belt or other restraint system. The most common form of neck injury is whiplash, while the most common from of back injury is a slipped disc or general disc damage. Injuries to the knee, leg and foot generally occur due to a vehicle occupant sitting at an awkward angle in the car. Good posture while in a vehicle may reduce the possibility of such injuries in an accident.

Those who suffer injuries in a car accident may wish to talk to a personal injury attorney. It may be possible to establish that the injuries were caused by someone else's negligent actions, which may entitle the victim to compensation. Compensation may be awarded for medical bills, long-term care costs and lost wages due to time missed at work. Compensation may be awarded after a trial or negotiated through an out-of-court settlement.

Source: CarsDirect, "Most Common Preventable Injuries that Happen in a Car Crash", December 13, 2014

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