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Amtrak commercial vehicle accident sparks conductor's lawsuit

People in Georgia have by now most likely seen news reports of the Amtrak derailment that took place in Philadelphia on May 12. In the accident, eight people were killed and there were injuries to more than 200 others.

One person who was injured and has recently filed a lawsuit against Amtrak was a conductor on the train. According to his lawsuit, the 33-year-old man was in a first car restroom when the accident occurred. The man broke his neck, his back and both of his shoulders in the crash. Among the several Amtrak employees who were on the train, he is thought to be the one who suffered the most serious injuries.

Although he was severely hurt, the man was still able to make his way out of the wrecked train and warn others to stay away from electrified wires that were downed in the incident. His lawsuit is the second filed by an Amtrak employee. Several passengers have also filed lawsuits, and there will undoubtedly be many more to come in the months ahead.

Investigators continue to try to determine why the train sped to 113 miles per hour from 70 mph right before the accident. Numerous possible reasons from a mistake on the part of the engineer to a malfunction are being considered as to why this occurred. The engineer claims to have no memory of the moments leading up to the derailment. Passenger train accidents often result in numerous injuries and fatalities. In some cases, the investigation reports will yield evidence that demonstrates negligence on the part of one or more parties. Those who are injured may wish to speak to an attorney to determine whether there is any legal recourse available to be compensated for the damages that they have incurred.

Source: Reuters, 'UPDATE 2-Conductor hurt in Philadelphia train derailment sues Amtrak," May 19, 2015

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