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Calendar dotted with dangerous driving days

Georgia drivers may be surprised to learn that roadways are much more dangerous on some days than others. Statistics show that many of the most hazardous driving days surround holidays that encourage drinking, but some days, such as Friday the 13th, appear to be unlucky due to reputation alone.

According to AAA, the most dangerous weekend of the year to drive is Memorial Day weekend. Accidents increase an average of 13.1 percent over the three-day period compared to non-holiday weekends, with approximately 400 people dying in car accidents each year. More than 40 percent of Memorial Day accidents are alcohol-related. The next most hazardous day on the calendar is the beginning of daylight saving time, which cuts into the sleep time of drivers. On average, there is a 17 percent increase in road fatalities the Monday after the annual time change.

Next, shoppers should be aware that rear-end and parking lot accidents spike sharply on Black Friday, and football fans may want to learn that car insurance claims jump anywhere from 8.2 percent to 79.7 percent around the stadium on game days. Then there is Friday the 13th, which inexplicably causes accident claims to rise around 13 percent no matter when it falls during the year. Other days that see a marked increase in car accidents include New Year's Day, which is more hazardous than New Year's Eve, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas and St. Patrick's Day.

Any Georgia resident who has been injured in a car collision caused by another driver may wish to consult with an attorney. If a review of the evidence demonstrates that the other driver was negligent, it may be advisable to file a personal injury lawsuit seeking financial compensation for the injuries that have been sustained.

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