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August 2015 Archives

Truck Driver Wins Verdict In Negligent Maintenance Case

Maintenance and safety go hand in hand when it comes to commercial trucks. When a trucking company or independent truck driver fails to keep a semi in proper working order, accidents are bound to happen. A recent case in Houston resulted in a $2.6 million dollar verdict against Swift based on the company's unacceptable maintenance practices. The case involved physical injuries suffered by an owner-operator who suffered injury when one of Swift's tractor trailers ran over his foot. The $2.6 million were awarded to compensate the man for physical and mental pain, medical bills and lost wages.

Holiday Safety Campaign Yields Results

Statistics show that drunk driving incidents increase during certain periods of the year. Every year, drunk driving accidents go up during the holiday season from December 26th to the end of the year. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is charged with reducing deaths, injuries and losses stemming from motor vehicle accidents of all types, including those involving drunk drivers. In an effort to combat the problem, the NHTSA partners with the Television Bureau of Advertising, the Ad Council and local broadcast television stations around the nation to push the message that drunk driving is a deadly problem. Recent findings suggest that the campaigns have been successful as reducing deaths over the past decade.

Ford Headlight Investigation Opens

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration opened a preliminary investigation last week regarding Ford models with lighting problems. The headlights on more than half a million Ford Crown Victoria and Mercury Grand Marquis vehicles manufactured in 2005 are under review after scores of complaints were registered by owners of the vehicles. The defect has been linked to 15 crashes so far.

Distracted Driving And Fatal Car Accidents In Georgia

According to AAA, distracted driving is to blame for an increase in fatal car accidents in Georgia this year. A spokesperson for AAA said distracted driving is the cause of 79 percent of the more than 700 deaths in Georgia traffic accidents so far this year. Distracted driving is generally on the rise as smartphones become more common at every age level. Texting and talking on cell phones is a growing trend among drivers, despite legislation and safety campaigns designed to curb it.

Vehicle recalls surpass old records for defects

Defective products have recently plagued vehicles from most major manufacturers, including General Motors, Honda and Fiat Chrysler. Car dealerships in Georgia and across the country have increased hiring of auto technicians to handle the record-setting amount of recalled vehicles coming in for repairs. Massive recalls in 2014 that identified approximately 64 million vehicles as dangerous due to defective systems more than doubled the previous record for auto recalls established in 2004.

Ferrari issues recall for auto defect with airbags

For Georgia motorists, an auto defect is something that must be considered when heading out on the road. Given the number of vehicles that are subject to recall and are alleged to have caused accidents, even those who have the financial wherewithal to purchase high-end vehicles must be aware of the dangers of faulty airbags. This is exemplified by the recall ordered by Ferrari.

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