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October 2015 Archives

Fatal motorcycle accidents prompt safety discussion in Georgia

Road conditions, reckless drivers and auto defects: there is no shortage of causes for incidents on Georgia highways. Unfortunately, people on motorcycles may face more serious injuries than people riding in cars when a crash occurs. A fatal motor vehicle accident involving motorcyclists often prompts a community to determine what happened and how it can be prevented, as is the case with several recent incidents.

When is a trucking company responsible for an accident?

Federal laws are in place to protect you in the event that you are in a crash with a commercial motor vehicle. There are rules that mandate vehicles to undergo periodic inspections, and federal standards that dictate the safety requirements that the vehicles must meet.

What prompts a vehicle recall in Georgia?

Your vehicle is required to perform at a certain standard or else the manufacturer may be held responsible. As the Georgia Attorney General points out, you can file a complaint with the National Traffic Highway Safety Association if you believe that you are dealing with an auto defect. That agency is responsible for issuing vehicle recalls.

It’s that time of year again: Prepare for weather-related hazards

Most Atlanta residents won’t soon forget last year’s snow and freezing rain conditions, which caused many drivers to become stranded on roads and multiple injuries due to sliding and crashing on the ice. With the winter season nearly upon us once more, the attorneys at Butler Wooten Cheeley & Peak LLP are prepared to see more personal injury cases involving weather-related car accidents.

James E. Butler, Jr. Speaks At Tort Law Museum Dedication

The American Museum of Tort Law opened its doors for the first time last weekend. The museum opening fulfilled a long-time dream of consumer advocate Ralph Nader. The museum stands in Winstead, Connecticut, Mr. Nader's hometown. James E. Butler, Jr., of Butler Wooten & Peak LLP, was invited to speak at the dedication of the museum.

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