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The warning signs of defective tires


It is possible for Georgia drivers to have defective tires without even knowing it. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that since 1966, more than 46 million tires have been the subject of a safety defect recall. As experts rightly point out, however, that recall does not always reach the consumer in time or at all.

Even a small issue with a tire can lead to a devastating accident. The NHTSA notes that a tire blowout has been linked to incidents involving vehicle rollovers. Several different types of defects can lead to a blowout, including the following:

  •        A bead failure: This occurs when the beads of the tires, which are responsible for ensuring the integrity of the tire is maintained, fails and forces the tire to lose pressure.
  •        Premature tread wear: Tires are designed and marketed to last for a certain period of time; premature wear could indicate that the manufacture made a defective product.
  •        Sidewall failure: When there is either a design or manufacturing defect, the sidewall of the tire could deteriorate and lead to a collapse.

Drivers should routinely have their tires inspected by a professional to ensure they are in good condition. A mechanic will look for signs of a defect or issue, such as a tire that does not maintain pressure or a tire with worn tread.

Retailers are required to let a consumer know how old a tire is and if it has been subject to any recalls or repairs. Additionally, the NHTSA maintains a list of tires that have been recalled so consumers can determine whether the products on their car could carry a potential defect.

Fortunately, Georgia law and federal regulations enable consumers to hold certain parties accountable for damages suffered as a result of a defective car or car part. The sooner a driver recognizes the signs of trouble and reports the issue, the better off he or she is likely to be.

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