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February 2016 Archives

Determining liability in the age of driverless cars

While the technology needed to make driverless cars a common occurrence on the nation’s roads is still a few years off, many Georgia drivers have questions pertaining to liability in the event of a collision with a driverless vehicle. In fact, determining liability may pose even more of a conundrum than solving any remaining technological issues, according to The Atlantic.

Trucker fatigue can have deadly consequences on the road

Truck drivers are a vital component of commerce in Atlanta and other cities across the nation. Accordingly, many trucking companies push their drivers to meet often strict delivery deadlines, which can end in catastrophe should truckers become fatigued. ABC News highlights the dangers of fatigued driving for both commercial truckers as well as other drivers sharing the road.

Motorcycle fatalities show the importance of safety

Riding a motorcycle can be a very freeing experience, which is why so many riders in Fulton County remain committed to the open road. However, staying safe is of paramount importance for all motorcyclists, especially when considering the likelihood of fatalities occurring. This is illustrated by statistics from the National Highway Safety Administration, which paint a very sobering picture for the nation’s motorcycle enthusiasts.

Distracted driving on the rise across the nation

While virtually all Fulton County drivers are aware of the dangers of drunk driving, many people fail to recognize the risks involved in distracted driving related to mobile technology. Accordingly, distracted driving rates are on the rise all over the U.S., which can have a devastating impact on motorists as well as their passengers.

Takata recalls highlight seriousness of vehicle defects

Air bags are an essential safety feature intended to decrease the damaging effects of collisions. But what happens when these components malfunction? Drivers in Georgia and all over the world are seeing firsthand the ramifications of faulty safety components due to ongoing Takata air bag recalls.

Truck accident statistics highlight importance of driver safety

Sharing the road with commercial vehicles is a frequent occurrence for many Atlanta drivers. In the event that an accident occurs involving one of these vehicles the outcome can sometimes be deadly according to the National Highway Safety Administration. This was illustrated by 2012 truck accident statistics, which showed an increase of large truck crashes in the past few years.

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