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Safe driving tips for traveling in spring

As spring arrives many Atlanta motorists may find themselves traveling in adverse driving conditions, such as exceedingly wet weather. To this end, AAA recommends all drivers adhere to these spring driving tips to ensure a safe and secure trip every time they are on the road.

Hydroplaning is a constant concern when driving during the rainy season. Accordingly, motorists must reduce their speed when driving on wet roads and be sure to leave enough room between themselves and other vehicles in the event of a sudden stop. If skidding should occur, drivers must remember not to slam on their brakes (which can cause a loss of vehicle control). Instead, they should steer into the skid (i.e. continue in the direction the vehicle is already heading).

In addition to knowing the proper methods for driving in wet weather, motorists should also make sure that their vehicles are capable of standing up to spring storms. This entails checking that tires are properly inflated and have the right amount of tread at least once a month, as well as replacing wiper blades as needed. Drivers should also check the state of their headlights and taillights, which are crucial to alerting other vehicles of your presence during storms. 

In addition to wet weather, the AARP also recommends that springtime drivers remain alert to certain road conditions. Potholes often crop up as the seasons change, and driving through one can lead to flat tires and wheel misalignment. Nice weather may also bring out a greater number of pedestrians and cyclists, which illustrates the importance of amicably sharing the road to create a safe experience for all.


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