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Truck accident statistics highlight importance of driver safety

Sharing the road with commercial vehicles is a frequent occurrence for many Atlanta drivers. In the event that an accident occurs involving one of these vehicles the outcome can sometimes be deadly according to the National Highway Safety Administration. This was illustrated by 2012 truck accident statistics, which showed an increase of large truck crashes in the past few years.

Large trucks were associated with numerous vehicular injuries in the U.S., with over 100,000 people injured as a result. Of these accident victims, almost 4,000 ultimately succumbed to their injuries, showing a 4 percent increase over the previous year. Nonfatal injuries were also on the rise, as evidenced by the 18 percent increase from 2011’s figures. Of all traffic accidents recorded in the nation in 2012, as many as 333,000 commercial vehicles were implicated in crashes.

Drilling down into these statistics further shows the impact commercial vehicle crashes can have on other motorists. Commercial trucks showed a higher incidence of being involved in fatal multiple-vehicle accidents when compared with passenger vehicles, with 81 percent of deadly accidents associated with commercial trucks affecting multiple vehicles. Conversely, only 58 percent of fatal passenger vehicle accidents involved multiple vehicles.

In many large truck accidents, unsafe driving behaviors such as speeding can be a factor. That’s why Edmunds.com recommends the following safety tips for drivers sharing the road with large commercial vehicles. Drivers must always be mindful of a truck’s blind spots (the areas in the rear, in front and on both sides of the vehicle), particularly when attempting to pass. Passenger vehicles should also strive to accommodate commercial trucks by leaving ample room when merging or changing lanes. This can also prevent a serious accident from occurring should a truck need to make a sudden stop, as the extra space will allow for the necessary braking time. 

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