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May 2016 Archives

Auto Safety, Recalls And The Revolving Door

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is tasked with maintaining proper safety standards for motor vehicles and motor vehicle equipment. The NHTSA investigates automobile defects and enforces safety standards to reduce traffic accidents. The mission of the NHTSA is all about safety for the driving public. Critics of the NHTSA contend that the mission of safety takes a back seat when executives routinely leave the organization to take higher paying jobs in the auto industry.

Why Are Truck Accident Injuries On The Rise?

Tractor trailer accidents are more likely to be fatal than car accidents. Commercial trucks can weigh roughly 20 times what the average passenger vehicle weighs. At 60 mph, a semi has the potential to cause enormous damage to multiple smaller vehicles. The greater chance of causing serious injury or death is part of the reason commercial trucks are required to carry more insurance than cars. While trucks are not getting smaller, a recent report from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration found that fatal accidents are decreasing. The same report found that injuries caused by trucks are on the rise. There is significant speculation about this trend in truck accidents.

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