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March 2017 Archives

Determining liability and failing to brake

Georgia motorists may be concerned about whether they can be held liable for failing to brake before crashing into another vehicle. They should know that there may be factors other than driver error that may have contributed to why a vehicle failed to stop, and they should all be considered to determine liability.

Testing underway for remotely controlled commercial trucks

Many people living in Georgia work as commercial truck drivers, but technological advances could change the nature of their jobs in the future. A new tech startup has been testing its autonomous system with drivers in the cab, but the company plans to ultimately remove in-cab operators and only use remotely based drivers.

Truck inspectors on the look out for loose cargo

Truckers in Georgia can expect a thorough evaluation of their adherence to cargo securement practices when the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance launches its annual inspection spree in June. During the event, inspectors will apply the North American Standard Level I check of commercial vehicles. This is a rigorous inspection that scrutinizes drivers and trucking equipment.

Self-driving cars and the shift in liability

There may be many changes ahead for Georgia motorists when self-driving cars become common, including a shift in what causes accidents and how that liability will be handled by insurers. There should be a reduction in problems such as drunk driving and speeding, but software malfunctions could result in accidents. Experts predict that the liability in accidents will shift from drivers to software developers, manufacturers and subcontractors. Cars might be vulnerable to hackers.


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