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Proving mental distress after a car crash

Depending on the facts in an auto accident case, a Georgia resident may be able to recover financial damages for PTSD from the at-fault driver. Such cases need to be filed within the same statute of limitations period that applies to other accident causes of action, unless the statute is tolled due to the plaintiff's incapacity. While a person may be able to pursue damages for mental distress, it may be harder to prove as there are no visible or other objective indications of such an injury.

The NHTSA reports that distracted driving is on the rise

Georgia motorists should avoid using their smartphones while they are driving. They may put themselves and others at risk, and when they are distracted by their phones, they are less likely to be able to drive defensively in response to other distracted drivers.

Determining liability and failing to brake

Georgia motorists may be concerned about whether they can be held liable for failing to brake before crashing into another vehicle. They should know that there may be factors other than driver error that may have contributed to why a vehicle failed to stop, and they should all be considered to determine liability.

Self-driving cars and the shift in liability

There may be many changes ahead for Georgia motorists when self-driving cars become common, including a shift in what causes accidents and how that liability will be handled by insurers. There should be a reduction in problems such as drunk driving and speeding, but software malfunctions could result in accidents. Experts predict that the liability in accidents will shift from drivers to software developers, manufacturers and subcontractors. Cars might be vulnerable to hackers.

AAA study reveals the habits of millennial drivers

A study released by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety suggests that millennial drivers in Georgia and around the country often act recklessly while behind the wheel. In the late summer of 2016, researchers polled 2,511 drivers of all ages about their driving habits and views, and they discovered that millennials frequently exceed posted speed limits, read or send email or text messages while driving and ignore red lights.

Stay safe during challenging weather

Atlanta averages less than 3 inches of snow per year. When temperatures fall and winter storms hit, many Georgia drivers face driving conditions even more challenging than those found in typically colder areas. When snow is a regular part of winter, steps are taken in advance to manage it. Snow plows and salt trucks stand ready to combat the regular snow seen in many cities. In Georgia, snow is rarer and all the more disastrous for its rarity.

Accident linked with controversial social media application

Video footage posted on the social media platform Snapchat has led to a raft of criminal charges for a 19-year-old Georgia woman. The popular application introduced a speed filter in 2013 that automatically adds a miles per hour figure to video and image files to show how fast people were traveling at the time they were taken, and the woman was using this feature and posting video to Snapchat just moments before her Mercedes sedan struck an SUV while traveling at more than 100 mph.

States with the highest traffic fatality rates

Georgia residents may be happy to learn that they do not live in one of the top 10 most dangerous states to drive in. A study on traffic fatalities in each state found that in 2014, Wyoming was the most dangerous state to drive in, with 25.7 car accident deaths per 100,000 people. Wyoming was followed by Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Alabama, South Dakota and Louisiana.


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